What is Domain Extension?

Domain Extension is referred as the notation after the domain name in the web address according to its category or country code. An exemplar for domain extension showing the category of web address include “.com”, “.edu” etc. While extensions like “.us”, “.pk” denotes the country.

Why use Domain extension for business?

According to the US survey of 2014 it was deduced that Domain Extension play an important role when constructing a new effective and catchy web address. As the better domain name gets the opportunity to be at the top of search engine results, therefore boosting your webpage SEO (search engine optimization).

Unique Domain extension can help one to come up with nifty domain name which are more meaningful and memorable. For example, Paul Allen who used “. fish” as the domain extension of his new business of training chefs and restaurant staffs.

Using distinct domain extensions can help you to decrease the length of your domain name, and when considering web address the shorter is the better. This was also confirmed from the recently conducted studies which showed most of the top sites have domain name in range of 6-10 characters. Hence, benefiting one’s business.

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Why use country code as domain extension?

Country code as domain extension have numerous advantages but the most distinguishedamong all is the fact you can target customers from specific areas. This is possible as the search engine show results based on the IP address of the person searching. For example, the international brands use country code as domain extension to provide its audience with the available offers and products specific to the place where the person lives. Hence, attracting more people which is extremelybeneficial for the business.

Using country code are also considered good for credibility as it provides visitor with increased trust, as the visitor will be more comfortable knowing the website to be local, specially if they come across the address that they knowinstead of some foreign address. Also, because many people favor visiting sites and doingtransactions in their local language.

Some examples of domain extensions for business are as follow:

  1. .ads
  2. .associates
  3. .booking
  4. .club
  5. .forum
  6. .gle
  7. .institute
  8. .ltda
  9. .ngo
  10. .press
  11. .wiki
  12. .xin
  13. .sarl
  14. .news
  15. .studio
  16. .ecom
  17. .org
  18. .enterprises
  19. .insure
  20. .solution

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